We Grow Cannabis in your house for you.

Introducing our premium "Done for You" cannabis cultivation service, designed for discerning smokers in New York City who want to enjoy top-shelf, homegrown cannabis without the hassle of growing it themselves.

Our expert growers will come to your home and set up a state-of-the-art grow room tailored to your space and preferences. We'll provide all the necessary equipment, including high-quality grow lights, ventilation systems, and environmental controls to ensure optimal growing conditions.

What Is Our Company

Once your grow room is set up, our team will select the finest cannabis genetics to suit your taste and therapeutic needs. We'll handle every aspect of the growing process, from germination to vegetation to flowering, using organic cultivation methods to bring out the best in each plant.

Throughout the grow cycle, our experienced cultivators will carefully monitor your plants, providing the ideal nutrients, water, and care to ensure a bountiful harvest of potent, flavorful buds. You won't have to lift a finger – just sit back and watch your cannabis thrive.

When it's time to harvest, we'll handle the delicate process of cutting, drying, and curing your buds to preserve their quality and flavor. After 3-5 months, you'll receive 1-2 POUNDS of premium, hand-trimmed cannabis, ready for you to enjoy at your leisure.

With our "Done for You" service, you can experience the satisfaction of homegrown cannabis without any of the work. Our discreet, professional team will handle every detail, ensuring that your grow remains compliant with New York's home cultivation laws.

Every Features You

Might Love

We go beyond expectations so you can enjoy the grow. Our customers rave about the service, selection, and savings they discover here every day. From finding your perfect strain match to extra perks that make your day, we offer it all.

Smart Controls

Securely connect to the app via WiFi to remotely access your indoor grow system from anywhere outside the boundaries of your home, unlocking advance programs, alerts, notifications, and historical charts.

Responsive System

An advance grow tent system with intelligent controls to manage your grow environment and ensure ideal growing conditions for a successful harvest. The inline fan, carbon filter, and ducting manage your tent’s climate conditions by routing heat, humidity, and odor away from it. Air is circulated inside with the oscillating clip-on fan to provide light breezes to your plants.

Automated Climate

Designed to ventilate hydroponic grow rooms, transfer heating/cooling, cool AV closets, and exhaust odors.

Groow Room Specifications That Impress

Introducing our elite "Grow Room Ready" service, the ultimate solution for cannabis enthusiasts in New York City who want to cultivate their own top-shelf cannabis without the hassle of setting up a grow room themselves. With our service, we'll transform a room in your home into a professional-grade cannabis cultivation space, complete with the industry-leading Advance Grow Tent System Pro 5x5, designed to support up to 6 plants for a bountiful harvest of premium, potent buds.

Our expert team will handle every aspect of the setup process, from assembling the grow tent to installing the advanced WiFi-integrated controls for automating ventilation, circulation, and lighting schedules. The included full spectrum LM301H EVO LED grow light provides optimal light for robust growth and resin production. Once set up, you'll have the foundation for a successful home cultivation experience, with a comprehensive guide and ongoing support from our team. Invest in the "Grow Room Ready" service and elevate your cannabis cultivation game to the next level.


It's Time to Find Your Perfect Strain

Discover the perfect cannabis strains for your home grow with NY Cannabis Cultivate's innovative Strain Selection AI Agent! Simply click the button below to access our cutting-edge tool and answer a few quick questions about your grow setup, experience level, and desired effects. Our AI algorithm will analyze thousands of data points to generate personalized strain recommendations tailored to your needs, complete with detailed profiles on yield, flowering time, optimal conditions, and effect/flavor profiles. Take the guesswork out of strain selection and unlock the full potential of your homegrow - click now to find your ideal cannabis match!

Questions? We Have Answers!

Is it legal to grow cannabis at home in New York?

Yes, as of March 31, 2021, adults 21 and over in New York can legally grow up to 6 cannabis plants (3 mature and 3 immature) at home for personal use. However, home cultivation is only permitted once the state establishes regulations and licenses for adult-use cannabis production, which is expected to take up to 18 months.

What are the requirements for legally growing cannabis at home in New York?

To legally grow cannabis at home in New York, you must be 21 years or older and can only cultivate plants within your private residence. You are allowed to grow up to 6 plants (3 mature and 3 immature) per person, with a maximum of 12 plants per household. Cannabis plants must be kept in a secure, locked space, out of public view, and away from individuals under 21.

Can I sell the cannabis I grow at home in New York?

No, it is illegal to sell homegrown cannabis in New York. The home cultivation law only allows for personal use and does not permit the sale of homegrown cannabis. Only licensed dispensaries and adult-use retailers will be allowed to sell cannabis products once the regulated market is established in the state.

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